Meals for Seniors during COVID-19

Jul 12, 2020 | Featured, Fundraiser, Senior Residence

In the time of COVID-19, a local black-owned restaurant, Lucille’s, has been providing free meals to our WALIPP seniors and to seniors in the community.  At first, they were funded by World Central Kitchen to pay for the cost of meals. In July 2020, the funding stopped.  Even though the COVID-19 condition continues to keep residents at home and out of the stores/restaurants, now the Chef (and WALIPP) are trying to cobble together funding to continue serving these meals. 

Lucille’s is a minority-owned restaurant in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, specializing in well-refined Southern cuisine with infusions of i nternational techniques and flavors. There are several housing communities that are benefiting from this program: Anna Dupree Terrace (110 meals), Harrisburg New Hope Housing (170 meals), Pilgrim Senior Citizen Towers I, II & III (264 meals), Leo Daniels (100 meals) and WALIPP Senior Residence (60 meals).

Thanks to Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church for purchasing 15,000 microwaveable take-out containers for use to deliver these meals for the next few weeks. The Houston Food Bank provides free vegetables and other items for this program.

WALIPP is seeking additional funding to enable Lucille’s to purchase protein for meals and staffing.